A Lazy … Warm … Day

The warm weather has returned:-)  Yesterday we got into the low 80’sF, 27C and today we hit 86F, 30C .

We had to make the fifteen minute drive into Okeechobee to pick up a larger suitcase cause hubby didn’t want to board the cruise ship pulling two small carry on suitcases, a back pack, the camera bag, two beach bags, a garment bag, and a bag from the Apple store!  He is always so frugal that it surprised me … but thank you god … I would have been very embarrassed toting all that random stuff!  Hubby wouldn’t let me buy the big colorful flowered suitcase, we had to settle for a boring black suitcase but now we can just take one small carry on, the camera bag, and one larger suitcase … we will definitely look more respectable.

Today was wedding day and the weather was perfect, warm, sunny skies and a nice breeze … hey folks back home, imagine an outdoor wedding in January!  It was very interesting, the bridesmaids and bride came part way out and then the groomsmen came out with black powder rifles and let off a shot each and then the wedding party proceeded to the front of the guest.  I can’t imagine anyone having any objections at this wedding!  I did get a few pictures using my telephoto lens:-)

Here comes the bride.

And here come the guns 🙂 You need to look closely between the trees to see the groomsmen and their rifles.

We enjoyed another happy hour at the Tiki Hut visiting with new friends and then it was time to head inside for dinner and finish up the packing.

I won’t be posting another blog until we return from our cruise and then I will hopefully have lots of tales for you 🙂

Until next time …



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