Happy Birthday Maxx!

After two years of searching we finally found a fifth wheel layout that we fell in love with, so in November 2012 we ordered Maxx and on January 10, 2013 Maxx came off the production line … so Happy First Birthday Maxx:-)  I think Maxx will actually have two birthdays since I will think of him as being a year old on March 9th which is the date we took possession of him.

This retention pond was almost dry two days ago!

Last night, after returning from happy hour with other campers at the Tiki Hut, we were watching the local news and it turns out we were on the tip of a severe weather event.  Cities to the east of us were faced with torrential rains that caused some heavy flood damage.  According to the weatherman on TV if it was colder the rain would have translated into 6 to 7 feet of snow!  Fortunately we did not have any flood damage in our little area of the world but we did get a lot of rain.

Today was hair day … YIPEE!!  I was perfectly happy to make the trip into Palm Beach Gardens on my own but I think hubby secretly wanted to go back to the Gardens Mall while I was getting my hair done because he insisted on driving me.  Or maybe he doesn’t trust me to drive his truck, either way I was happy not to have to make the trip on my own:-)

I think my grandkids would love to have been behind this milk truck:-)

We drove down PGA Boulevard on our way into Palm Beach Gardens and passed the PGA National Headquarters.  That doesn’t really impress me much since I’m not a golfer but I figured our youngest son would be impressed!

Entrance to PGA Headquarters

We were once again impressed with how pretty and upscale Palm Beach Gardens is … even the Publix (a grocery store chain) and the stop signs were fancy!

Publix where we do most of our grocery shopping … they are not all as fancy as this one 🙂

We don’t have fancy stop signs like this at home!

On the way home we saw this great saying on the back of a pick-up.

Happy hour was spent at the Tiki Hut chatting with other full time RVers which included an interesting discussion on guns … the number one question we are asked by American’s is can they bring their guns into Canada, and I’m pretty sure the answer to that is “No”.  I do wonder, since it seems most American RVers carry guns with them, how safe are we travelling in the US without a gun?  I was assured that we are safe and we certainly haven’t felt unsafe … but it does make you wonder??

Beside our RV park is a large home with a beautiful yard where they have spent the day setting up for a wedding and tonight we are watching the wedding rehearsal, I’m looking forward to the actual wedding tomorrow:-)

Until next time …


One thought on “Happy Birthday Maxx!

  1. You have probably already found out, you cannot bring a pistol or handgun into Canada for any reason. A hunting gun can be brought in if it is registered in the USA & the Canadian Border Agency has been advised (when you cross the border) and I now this from my days working at the airport!!
    Just got back from watching the football game (Seattle) in Spankys Bar in Lahaina, Maui.
    Happy Birthday Maxx!!


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