Rainy Days And Mondays … Or Thursdays!

We had heavy rain last night and drizzle for most of the day but its warm out which makes the humidity high, 98% today.  The rain must have brought out the worms because the Ibis were having a feeding frenzy when I opened the blinds this morning.

Ibis Feeding Frenzy

Since it was raining we decided today would be a good day to get the laundry done, so off we head to the laundry mat.  We have driven by this place several times and it always draws our attention because there are no doors!  I guess because it’s open 24 hours a day and the weather is pretty good here, there is no reason to close the doors so why waste money on them 🙂


Once the laundry was done we ventured off to find propane.  You cannot drive down the road anywhere in this area without following an orange truck at some point and the one we were following today dropped some oranges when it turned the corner.

Oranges fresh off the truck:-)


I was really tempted to jump out and grab them but hubby convinced me it wasn’t the brightest idea I’ve had, and I probably didn’t want to get hit by a vehicle just days before our cruise.  I conceded that he was right … and that doesn’t happen often, so the oranges remained at the side of the road.

Back to the quest for propane … at home you can go to any corner gas station and fill your propane tanks but we have found it a challenge to find places to fill our tanks in the US.  If you have a 20-pound propane tank you can exchange them in lots of places, but getting a 30-pound tank filled is a problem.  Today we finally found a propane gas company in town that would fill the tank for us so we should be good for a while, but you never want to run into a situation where you have two empty tanks because you never know where you will find a place to fill them.

I will leave you with these last two pictures.  There are several businesses in town that provide drive thru service for groceries and liquor … and when they say drive thru, they really mean drive right on thru!

Side View of Drive-Thru

Truck driving through building!

Until next time …


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