Awesome … A Cruise in our Future☺

Hubby surprised me with a cruise for my birthday and we leave in six days!  So I took advantage of the fact that hubby wouldn’t say no to me today and we headed off to the outlet mall in Vero Beach to pick up a couple of items, cause you can’t go on a cruise without new clothes:-)

Last night I decided that I would try my best to look younger today so I washed my hair and put it in pin curls, I know very old fashion but it works for my hair and I can sleep with the pins in:-)  So this morning I get up and do my hair … and it turns out great … and then we head out the door for Vero Beach.

Major fog but the temperature was in the mid 70s.

So can you guess what happen to my hair???  Yup, major frizz and no curl left … oh well it’s still my birthday and hubby is taking me shopping so life is still good.  During our travels we have seen many Waffle House restaurants and I love waffles so guess where we go for breakie?

We both had waffles and they were very good and the price was good as well.

Outside the restaurant I saw a tree with a pretty flower, I have no idea what type of tree it is but I thought it deserved a picture.

Next stop shopping.  Hubby was a good sport, which I appreciate because I know how much he hates shopping!

Lunchtime rolls around and we decide we better do Sonics because we have seen them everywhere as well.

We thought Sonics would be fun because they have car service and deliver your food on roller blades.  The food was okay and we can say we have done it, but I think there are better fast food restaurants around.

On the way home we had more animal sightings … we passed a tortoise on the road, he pulled his legs in when we drove by … smart fellow!  I also saw a white bird with a long body and a long black neck, not sure what type and I did see a wild boar dead at the side of the road with vultures attacking it … yuck!   About fifteen minutes after the dead boar I was zoned out and all the sudden hubby got all excited and started mumbling something about seeing a piggy thing, it took me a minute but I finally figured out he had seen a live boar … I really wish I had seen it!

I did pick up a bottle of wine today, which I have seen many times and finally had to buy because I love the label, hopefully it will taste good!

Until next time …


6 thoughts on “Awesome … A Cruise in our Future☺

  1. Happy Birthday! This will be the first year without an “office” cake (although I seem to recall that you missed a few because we were always behind). Where will you be cruising off to?


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