Florida Weather and Chameleons

Today’s blog is being written while sitting at the pool:-)

See hubby’s toes 🙂

The weather has been interesting lately.  Last Thursday we sat on the beach and it was warm, I don’t remember the temperature but it was similar to today.   On our trip to Bartow on Friday we wore shorts but we should have worn winter clothes!  The high for the day was 48F or 9C … when I checked the temperature at home it was 10C, bummer for us:-(  Yesterday it was warmer but we were still in long pants and sweaters and it rained heavily all day.  Today we are sitting by the pool and its 82F or 28C … who knows what tomorrow will bring but right now I’m living for the moment!

We have had lots of visits from these little fellas while sitting outside on our patio.  This picture is a green anoles or a chameleon as they are often called.  I can’t google them because there is a good chance I will get pictures of other things that I am deathly terrified of!  And yes, good friends on vacation in Vietnam, I almost threw my laptop across the room while looking at your Facebook pictures and the bloodcurdling scream I let out took ten years off of hubby’s life … but I digress … hubby did google them and we found out that green anoles are medium-sized lizards with long tails and they are sometimes called chameleons because they can change color.  Their normal color is anywhere from emerald green to brown or gray but when they are stressed they turn dark brown … and I’m sure this guy was stressed by my presence … hubby is also often stressed by my presence but he doesn’t turn brown:-) … well actually he is getting browner, hmm?

While watching them I noticed that their throat is a bright red when they swallow so that kept me busy for about fifteen minutes trying to get a picture.

Can you see him? He is hanging from the branch around the middle of the picture.

From our research we determined that this guy was a male because they have a pink or red extendable dewlap or throat fan.

It’s time to flip over onto my stomach so …

Until next time …


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