Home Is Where You Park It!

And for the next month that will be alongside Lake Okeechobee near the town of Okeechobee.  If you read my blog a few days ago you may remember that you can’t see Lake Okeechobee without driving over the dike, so although we are parked along the shores we can’t see the lake:-(  But that’s okay because we know it’s right there and we are along the Rim Canal which provides access to the lake for boats.  We did some research before we chose this location and I’m glad we did … there are a lot of really horrible RV parks around here, so by driving around before we made our reservation we were able to get a good one!  We are in a park with only 30 sites and none of the sites have permanent trailers on them.  We like the smaller parks because you are able to get to know your neighbours.  There is one RV Park where you can actually camp along the shores of Lake Okeechobee on the other side of the dike but the closest town is very small and it’s a bit of a drive for groceries and laundry so we ruled that out.

Our new home:-)

View from Maxx of the Rim Canal and Lake Okeechobee behind the dike:-)

We are looking forward to enjoying the warm Florida weather and our location puts us in a perfect position to visit many sites on both sides of Florida and all within an easy hours drive.

Until next time …


3 thoughts on “Home Is Where You Park It!

  1. Happy Birthday Girl. You get to spend your birthday in the sun. Lucky you. Right now it is minus 4. For a January Birthday, you have the right idea.
    Have a great Birthday. Maybe you should have a Pims & Ginger ale. (but just one)



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