Lake Okeechobee

Today we drove around Lake Okeechobee, the largest fresh water lake in Florida.  Lake Okeechobee covers 1,900 square kilometers or 730 square miles, and has an average depth of only 3 meters or 9 feet.

We had several RV Parks we wanted to check out and we also wanted to see the lake.  It turns out you can drive around the lake and never see it since it is surround by high dikes!  In select locations you can drive up to the top of the dike and see the lake but that’s the only way to see it … other than the view from one bridge, but I won’t go there 🙂

During the drive we passed miles and miles of orange groves.

Oranges are grown in really sandy soil, which surprised me, it was just like the beach sand we had in the Florida Keys.

I also had the chance to get a close up picture of the flowers on the sugar can plants … they are very pretty.

Until next time …


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