Back to South Central Florida

Our time in the Florida Keys has come to an end so we headed back to Moore Haven, Florida.  We had a frustrating start to the morning … we were all ready to hook up and a large 45 foot Provost bus pulled in front of our site and proceeded to take his time hooking up to his 20 foot tag along trailer.  While we stood there and waited he chatted with people and then got in the bus and wandered into the back, he finally left without a sorry or a thanks for waiting … some people are so rude!

If you plan to head down to the Florida Keys don’t do it just after Christmas.  We noticed yesterday the traffic heading south was very heavy and when we drove north today it was one long steady stream of slow traffic heading south right from Marathon to Homestead!

Heading up US 27 just before South Bay, Florida we were able to watch the harvesting of sugar cane, which was so interesting I forgot to take pictures but I did get a few of the fields.

Sugar Cane in bloom


Another variety of Sugar Cane in bloom

Until next time …


2 thoughts on “Back to South Central Florida

  1. On the road again already? I thought you were going to park for awhile. So many places, so little time i guess. Had to shake my head re: your Rogers story. Exactly the same situation with us. Neal called three times, after receiving three months of incorrect billing. Hardly ever raises his voice, but the last time, he was pretty fed-up. Asked repeatedly to speak to a manager, finally got one, repeated his saga once more time – and voila! – problem solved.
    Continued safe travels to you both, and hope you have a Happy New Year.


    • We were only able to get a week on the Key’s, everything is pretty much booked from now until March … and the Keys RV Parks are very expensive. We are looking for somewhere in Southern Florida to stay for a month. Glad to hear it finally worked out for Neal as well, and wonderful to hear from you. Enjoy your holiday season!


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