Merry Christmas Eve From the Florida Keys

Sombrero Beach, Florida Keys

Well this Christmas Eve is a new one for hubby and I, and I have good and bad feelings about it.  It’s certainly nice to be sitting outside on the beach but I do miss the snow and my family at home … especially the grandkids … cause lets face it, those little faces and their excitement make Christmas!  But I will buck up and make the best of it and this isn’t a bad place to do it:-)

The day started out with my seventh attempt to correct my cell phone bill with Rogers.  The last six attempts over the course of the past two months have involved conversations lasting at least 1.5 hours each and at the end of each of those calls I was assured my next billing would be correct.  So this morning I check my emails and sure enough my December Rogers billing is once again incorrect!  Hubby and I are both very frustrated and don’t want to spend the morning dealing with this once again but I make the call and this time, despite the efforts of the Customer Service Rep, I finally get put through to someone in Rogers Management (It took 15 minutes of continually asking for a supervisor to finally get put through to one).  After another 15 minutes on the phone with a management rep my bill is finally corrected, I am given a confirmation number, and when I call back to the automated line and check what I owe it is also correct!!!  Thank-you Santa for the early Christmas present!

After a day at the beach we cleaned up and went into Marathon, Florida to mass at San Pablo Catholic Church … you can always rely on mass to be the same no matter where you are!  After mass it was back to the RV Park for drinks with a few of our neighbours

Did you know iguanas can swim? I didn’t!

Two friendly pelicans 🙂

Okay we actually did visit with human neighbours as well and then we headed back to Maxx for BBQ rib steaks with a gorgonzola sauce and now it’s off to bed to wait for Santa:-)

Until next time …


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