Fun in Key West

Today we drove down to Key West, the southern tip of the Florida Keys, which is only 90 miles from Cuba.

Southern Tip of the US

We were told that Cuban’s now use jet ski’s to travel up to Florida, and we did see lot’s of jet ski’s on the water … I’m guessing most of them where not Cubans 🙂

Key West was very interesting and I’m glad we went but other than drinking mojito’s while sitting outside on December 23rd I’m not sure what else to say … so here are some pictures.

We were told an 850 sq foot home sells for $800,000 in Key West … this is not an 850 sq foot home!

Even Denny’s looks different in Key West 🙂

On the way back to Grassy Key … and I’m sorry I know I said I was done with bridges … we saw some really neat old bridges.  We were travelling on the new Overseas Highway while the old bridges were falling apart beside us.  Some of the old bridges had been made in to walking and fishing piers but many where abandon.

Neat old bridge

at old bridge starting to fall apart … and very pretty Atlantic Ocean!

We also passed a few islands that I thought would be cool to own!

My new home in the Atlantic Ocean:-)

We returned to the RV Park and spent happy hour talking to several couples who where full time RVers and they had lot’s of tips for us:-)

Until next time …


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