Happy Birthday Mom☺

Today would have been my mom’s 81st birthday.  I remember my mom telling me that it was important to do things as a couple without your children along, which strikes me as funny considering my sister and I always looked forward to mom and dad’s anniversary when the four of us would go out for Chinese food and occasionally we stopped at Dairy Queen for desert.  I think my mom and dad went out on their own twice a year to their office Christmas parties.  Nevertheless I took her advice to heart when she passed away and left me a small inheritance, which we used to purchase our first fifth wheel.  The kids where getting older and no longer wanted to go away with us since they had jobs and friends to hang out with, so hubby and I would go away on weekends and found we really enjoyed spending time with each other.  It was on these weekends that the idea of traveling when we retired first came about … and here we are today!  Although if I had my way we would have had a 16 foot travel trailer pulled by our van but hubby won that battle and we ended up with a truck and 27 foot fifth wheel … and it was a good decision.  I’m not sure we would have loved RVing as much if we had to fold down the bed every night and fold it back up the next morning to use the table!

Today was spent cleaning … yes even when you are in the Florida Keys the housework and laundry are still there!  Maxx in now spic and span inside and out and all his windows sparkle, the laundry is done, hubby has organized the basement storage and I even found time to clean out the truck.  Now the most stressful thing we have to do between now and Christmas is decide whether to sit by the pool, the Gulf of Mexico, or the Atlantic Ocean:-)

I did get time to take some pictures of the park

View From Front of Maxx

Now at days end hubby and I are sitting outside listening to Christmas music … just strange!

Until next time …


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