Florida Keys …We Have Arrived

In Edmonton, Alberta where our two sons are it was -17C or 1.4F when they woke up this morning, in Naples, Florida it was 22C or 72F when we woke up this morning … sorry guys:-)

We avoided the toll roads and drove through the everglades, definitely a great decision.

Driving through the Florida Everglades, well worth the trip!

There were lots of signs warning to watch for wildlife on the road and there were even signs stating “Panther Crossing”!  We didn’t see wildlife on the road but we did see many large alligators in the pond where we stopped for a washroom break and that was a little scary!  There are a lot of State Park campgrounds in this area but there is no way this girl is going to camp in the everglades … that’s just too much nature for me, especially after coming across the alligators.

This guy surprised me when I looked at the pond!

And he had a friend for company … and many more in the water!

Driving down to Homestead, FL was very pretty; miles and miles of nurseries on both sides of the road with gorgeous tropical plants and then we hit the Florida Keys where the road signs now say, “Watch for Crocodiles” instead of “Watch for Alligators”:-)

The Gulf of Mexico – driving down the Florida Keys

Then we arrived in PARADISE!  The RV Park is even better than expected, it’s small, only 34 sites, so every space is close to the Gulf of Mexico and the park is well maintained.  I will post some pictures tomorrow because as soon as we set up today we headed off for a walk along the beach on the Atlantic Ocean.  The water was warm and the sand was like sugar … we will definitely be spending time on the beach while we are here.

Hubby’s footprints in the sand with the Atlantic Ocean washing in:-)

The temperature this afternoon was 84F, 29C and very humid … and it’s only five days to Christmas.  With all the challenges we faced before we left home we never thought we would actually be here for Christmas this year!

Until next time …


4 thoughts on “Florida Keys …We Have Arrived

  1. Sounds wonderful! Not quite as cold here as in Edmonton, but there was a fair bit of shovelling going on today. A whole month on the road together, no major incidents and you, Hubby and Maxx are hanging in there. Now you can break out the umbrella drinks, set up the lounge chairs and relax!!


    • Haha way ahead of you! December 20th at 2055 hours and we are sitting outside in shorts having a drink!! Who woulda thunk it! And yes hubby and I are still talking 🙂 I do envy you having a white Christmas tho!


  2. Whooohooo! You made it! It looks fantastic. Glad you weren’t disappointed. Enjoy the sunshine & don’t date apologize for it (but rubbing it in is a guilty pleasure, isn’t it?)


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