Country Roads and a Laid Back Day:-)

Today we avoided the interstate and travelled to our next destination on country roads and we really enjoyed it. There was very little traffic and the sun was out in full force … still a little cool but we are getting closer to warmer weather:-)  My US cell phone plan gives us unlimited data so we listen to EZ Rock from home because they are playing Christmas music full time … a little strange with the hot sun shining in the window but we are not complaining!

And folks from home, when I say country road think Highway 97 only in better shape but with no traffic!  I wanted to get the picture below so hubby just stopped in the middle of the road and I hopped out and took it!

Country Road

And when we wanted to stop for lunch hubby backed into a side road.

Stopped for lunch

After lunch we hit rush hour, there was a car following us for a few miles … but it was okay, he soon passed us and we could relax again:-)

We arrived at our RV Park with enough time to wander through the swamp (on a boardwalk) and down to the river.  This is one of the best parks we have stayed in so far!

Maxx tucked into his spot.

Boardwalk through the swamp

River at end of boardwalk

Suwannee River

Until next time …


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