Good Bye Alabama … Hello Florida!

I might have to change my thoughts about liking Southern Alabama … in Mobile there is a 9.5% sales tax on food!

Many years ago hubby and I went to Atlanta, Georgia and saw red dirt for the first time and yesterday we saw it again.  It’s really noticeable when they are doing highway work and it makes construction that much more attractive.

Alabama Red Soil

Following tradition we stopped at the first rest stop after we crossed into Florida.  RVers and truckers are forced to park away from the main building and the temperature is down to 44F or 7C with a biting wind so it felt like a very long walk to the building.  We had to go in and purchase a Sun Pass so that we don’t have to stop at tollbooths, which will save us a lot of time since Florida is full of toll roads!  We did receive a free (small) cup of orange juice, which was very good.  We also ended up stopping at the next rest stop and once again RV and truck parking is at the back of a large lot.  Rest stops in all the other states we have stopped in are set up so that all vehicles have easy access to the buildings … I don’t think Florida likes truckers and RVers.

We hit our first toll road shortly after we activated our Sun Pass and according to the signs the toll for the truck and Maxx would be $9.00.  By using the Sun Pass it should be discounted but we won’t know how much until our account is updated.

Tonight we are staying in a State Park along the Gulf Coast.  We were able to go on-line to make our reservation and pick out spot.  The web page shows you a picture of each spot and gives you the measurements.  The park is fairly empty and is well suited to motorhomes, tents, or trucks & campers as the spots are set up to drive straight in.  Even though we picked a site that was 50 feet long we had some difficulty navigating Maxx into position, but once he was settled the views out the window where very pretty!

View from window at Florida State Park, Panama City Beach

Until next time …


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