Sunglasses & Hot Stuff!


Last night it stopped raining but we had 30 mile an hour winds! We were sitting in bed this morning with a cup of coffee checking out RV Parks in Florida when our daughter sent us this picture:-)

Good on Florida, keep it up … we will arrive on Sunday and I can’t wait to get back into my shorts!

After breakfast we headed out to find a laundromat but after looking at a few we gave up and decided that was a job for New Orleans … so now what to do?  Well surely no visit to Louisiana would be complete without a visit to Avery Island and the Tabasco Factory, so off we went … and hence the “Hot Stuff” part of my title.  Visitors pay $1.00 per vehicle to enter Avery Island, the entrance fee supports conservation and security on the island.

View as you enter Avery Island

The Tabasco grounds are very attractive and a visit to the general store gives you the opportunity to sample all the Tabasco products, even Tabasco ice cream and Tabasco coke!  The ice cream was pretty good but hubby said he didn’t see much difference between regular coke and Tabasco coke … but by then he had tried every Tabasco sauce they had so I’m sure he had no taste buds left:-)

Interesting tree, look at the growth on the limbs … it is very pretty!

Gift Shop

Then it was off to the factory for the tour.

The tour itself consists of a brief introduction by a tour guide followed by a video, and ending with a walk by the bottling factory.  They were bottling when we went through but only on the far production line and we couldn’t see that from the observation window.  Not a great tour but then again we only paid .50 cents each to enter the island, and we walked away with four sample bottles each of various Tabasco sauces so all in all it was a good deal:-)

After some grocery shopping we headed back to the RV Park and spent some time walking around watching the birds and taking pictures.

I’m pretty sure this is a Blue Heron

RV park scenery

We had a great spot!

Here is some interesting Louisiana trivia for you; many houses have roofs that are taller than the actual house itself, I found out this is to help withstand hurricanes.  Other homes are built up on cement blocks to protect them from flooding.

House on blocks for flood protection

I never did see a house that had a tall roof and was up on cement blocks so I guess you have to pick which disaster you are going to try and save yourself from!

The day ended with a gorgeous sunset … I hope you enjoy!

Louisiana Sunset

Until next time …

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