Adios Texas, Here Comes Louisiana!

We didn’t do much in Houston yesterday; it is just too big and to stressful to drive in.  As I mentioned the population of Houston is 2.1 million and the population of Vancouver, British Columbia is 2.3 million but the difference in the roads is amazing.  According to Wikipedia, Houston’s freeway system includes 575.5 miles of freeways and expressways that are heavily traveled and often under construction to meet the demands of continuing growth … and we certainly witnessed this!  One thing that amazed us was driving over on and off ramps where we were often 90 to 100 feet up in the air with many ramps winding below us.  I tried to get a picture but they didn’t turn out.  Vancouver on the other hand has one freeway entering it, but that’s it.  I definitely find it much easier to get around Vancouver than Houston.

Before we left Houston we manage to get our Christmas reservation completed.  We will be spending December 20 to December 27th at an RV Resort in the Florida Keys, now we will pray for good weather!

On that upbeat note we left Houston and headed to Lafayette, Louisiana.  On our way out of town we drove through Kingwood, which was very lush, green, and pretty.  We also drove over a long bridge crossing a river that was full of white egrets … I later found out they are called Great Egrets.  Further on we drove through farmland and terrain very similar to British Columbia’s Fraser Valley.

We had lunch at a rest stop just after we crossed into Louisiana; it was the nicest rest stop we have seen so far.  If it had been sunny and warm we would have spent some time walking around.

We arrived at our RV Park just outside of Lafayette, Louisiana and were impressed … it is a really nice park and only $18.00 a night with our Passport America discount.  Once we were set up in our site I had to take some pictures to show you.  I’m glad we decided to stay here for two days:-)

Awesome view from inside Maxx!

Great Egret … and he even posed for this picture:-)

Every time I looked out the window I could see a Great Egret either flying or walking by.


Until next time …

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