Goodbye San Antonio … Hello Houston

We waited until 1000 hours to head for Houston so that the roads had a chance to warm up.  There was freezing rain again last night but the temperature is forecasted to be warmer today than it has been, and will be for the next week, so we thought we would take this little window and head on to Houston.  The roads were dry as we were travelling but they obviously weren’t that way last night.  There were more than a few cars sitting in the grass off the interstate and most had body damage.  Also many of the guardrails on the bridges had significant damage and all the bridges still had sand on them.  Unlike the earlier bridges that went over dry washes, we are now in an area of Texas where bridges actually cross rivers with water in them.  The land here has green grass and trees and reminds us of Northern Alberta, in the summer:-)  As we were driving along we wondered why there were so many tire tracks going off the interstate onto the side roads that parallel the interstate … well our question was answered when we came up to a major accident, everyone drives across the grass and speeds up the side road to get past the incident.

 Five hours later we arrived in Houston and drove over our first toll road.  Holly (our GPS) directed us onto the Sam Houston Tollway to get to our RV Park in Porter (just outside of Houston).  We drove through two collection booths at $5.25 each but the alternative was to drive through downtown Houston and we didn’t want to do that with the trailer.  Houston is the fourth largest city in the US and has a population of 2.1 million and we found it a challenge to navigate even with Holly … if we had to do it with just a map and road signs this would have been the end of our trip and I think we would have been headed for divorce court:-)  We arrived at the RV Park in Porter where we took one look and decided we would only stay one night … by far the most disappointing park of our trip, and it looks nothing like the pictures on their web site!

The weather has warmed up to 44F (7C) but it is dry.  We spent the rest of the day researching RV Parks in Marathon, Florida and tomorrow we will try and make reservations for the week of Christmas.

Until next time …

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