I’m Not Having Fun!

First a note to sis and sis-in-law … you don’t need to tell dad and mom the details of this blog.

Last night we had dinner at the restaurant in our RV Park because hubby didn’t want to stand out in the freezing rain, wind, and cold to BBQ the steaks I had taken out … and I couldn’t blame him.  It was a great dinner and very reasonable but the best part was talking with everyone in the restaurant about the weather.  Our waitress said this was very cold for Texas and very unusual for them, a normal low would be 60° (16c).  So as a friend suggested, we hunkered down under the covers with the fire going and watched TV for the evening.  The Big Chill is expected to last a week so rather than head down to Corpus Christie and Brownsville we have decided to carry on towards Florida and visit those cities on the way back.  There isn’t much appeal in spending time on the Gulf Coast when it’s too cold to go to the beach!

Friday morning dawned overcast and cold.  We waited until 0930 hours to head out hoping the roads would warm up a bit.  The interstate was clear and dry so we thought we were good to go … and we were for about 100 miles.

The roads look good and the view is pretty.

Then we noticed slush starting to form on the sides of the road and it just kept getting worse, then the bridges started to ice up and the maintenance crews were sanding them.

Road all of the sudden gets scary!

The carnage during the next 50 miles started off with evidence from many overnight accidents; a pick-up truck who flew past us and we later passed him spun out after he hit the side of a bridge and damaged both his truck and the guard rail; a semi in the ditch on the other side of the interstate; and yes we were almost part of the carnage.  Despite the sand on the bridges and the slow speed we were going, we crossed a bridge and both the truck and trailer went sideways, I honestly thought we were done but hubby was amazing!  He didn’t overreact, despite me tensing and grabbing handles to hang onto, he just calmly corrected the skid and had us going straight in no time … and he did that with a 35 foot trailer attached … I just can’t say enough about how impressed I was with his skill, and how thankful I am to be travelling with him.  We pulled off at the next city hoping to find an RV Park and stop for the night.  We stopped for fuel and when we got out and saw the ice on Maxx we knew it was the right decision.

This looks like slush but its solid ice, all the landing gear was encased in ice!

Cool ice sculpture on Maxx’s hub cap.

Unfortunately there was no room at the inn (it is that time of year) … what to do?  We had spoken to some people at the gas station who were heading in from San Antonio and they said the roads were only bad for another 15 miles, so with a heavy heart, and many prayers, we decided we had no choice but to carry on.  The only other option was to spend the night in a hotel but we can’t let Maxx sit overnight with no heat without doing some major damage.  We headed back on to the interstate and found the roads clear of slush and very safe, other than the bridges, but as long as we slowed right down and coasted over them we were okay.  We were still passing accidents but they were all vehicles that had spun out while crossing the bridges.

I should explain the bridges and why there are so many.  They are small bridges covering washes, which are there in case of flash floods.  There are a lot of them so travel was slow but after seven hours (for a four hour drive) we arrived safely in San Antonio and the sun was breaking through the clouds.  And the best news was all the ice had melted off of Maxx and his landing gear so we were able to set up with no problems!

Until next time …

1 thought on “I’m Not Having Fun!

  1. Wow, scary drive today! Ran into your daughter earlier today and she said she got an ominous text from you so we knew it wasn’t going well. Glad to hear you’re in a better spot and your hubby recovered from Max’s sliding adventures.

    The weather is frigid here – hope that cheers you up!


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