The Big Chill is Coming!

Yesterday was our warmest day yet in Tucson, Arizona, the temperature got up to 76° (24c).  We almost went to the pool but then we decided to drive around Tucson instead.  The RV Park we stayed in was the best so far, but I still think we can do better.  We needed to empty our garbage can so hubby went on a quest to find the dumpsters and along the way he was informed that all he had to do was put the bag out under the palm tree between 0800 hours and 0900 hours the next day and someone would come by and pick it up … pretty cool.

On our way out of Tucson this morning we drove by the Davis-Monthan Air Force Base -Aircraft Boneyard, which is the largest storage and preservation facility in the world.  For as far as we could see aircraft lined both sides of the road (I later found out there where 4,400 aircraft on site … I also found out that we could have taken a tour of the site.  We will definitely add that to our return trip plans).

A pic of the Boneyard as we drove by.

On our way to Las Cruces, New Mexico the scenery was interspersed with areas of large and very, very large boulders precariously balanced on top of each other.

Amazing Boulders

More boulders

Huge boulder!!

There were also fierce winds, which yanked the truck door out of my hand when we stopped at a rest stop!  We had read about gusting winds in Texas but I guess they happen in Arizona and New Mexico as well.  It does make you wonder if the winds could blow those large boulders down!

We stopped for lunch at a rest stop shortly after we crossed into New Mexico and the wind was incredible.  Sitting in Maxx felt like being on a ship in high seas … there is just no way to describe the wind today!  There were signs on the interstate indicating “heavy winds” so I think it is windier than usual, hopefully it will die down before we stop for the evening.  On the up side, the wind was behind us for a good portion of the trip, which gave us excellent fuel economy.

On the down side there is a big chill heading into the southern states and the forecast is for the weather to drop from a high of 72° (22c) today to a high of 50° (10c) tomorrow, and that weather should stay for the next week or so.  We may have to alter our route a little to avoid the forecasted ice storms predicted for some areas of Texas, so stay tuned!

Until next time …





3 thoughts on “The Big Chill is Coming!

  1. I’ve heard about the Aircraft Boneyard. It would be fun to see. It must be huge!

    Really enjoying your travels and the pictures are great!


  2. Really enjoy following you on your travels. Saw the picture of you and Hubby at Lake Havasu. The trip must be agreeing with you – you both look great in the picture! It is a bit difficult to hear about the warm temperatures when we’re shivering, but I see from the weather report that you’re about to experience a big chill in Texas. Hopefully you can hunker down in Maxx and wait it out by your fireplace. Take care. The Coffee Crew sends their regards.


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