It May Be December at Home But It’s June in Phoenix!

When we left Lake Havasu this morning I was wearing shorts and although there was a very slight chill in the air it didn’t take long to warm up.  The smell and feel reminded me of June weather at home … and yes I feel for those back home, I hear the forecast was for snow overnight … hehe!

We are spending two nights in Phoenix at an RV park that has 1203 sites.  Most of the sites are park models and people live here all winter.  The overnight RV section is a let down from the description on the internet but we have everything we need.

After setting up we took a drive into downtown Phoenix and did some site seeing.  On the way back I somehow managed to put the wrong address in the GPS so we had a tour of the Phoenix landfill.  For some reason hubby wasn’t that impressed with my detour!

The only really exciting thing to happen today was on our drive into Phoenix.  A car with BC plates passed us and when they pulled back into our lane hubby gave them that casual man wave (you know the one where they just lift their fingers off the steering wheel and wave them back and forth) and the two people in the vehicle enthusiastically waved back .. so of course I had to wave, and then they waved back again.  It put a real smile on our faces!


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