Gambling and Happy Thanksgiving … again!

Happy US Thanksgiving to all.  We enjoyed the day, which started out with a free breakfast buffet, but more about that later, and ended with a great turkey dinner in Maxx.  The weather is warm, in the high 60’s (20c) and the sun is out which is a big contrast to our Canadian Thanksgiving spent with all our children and grandchildren in Edmonton.  Of course I would give up the sun and warmth to be with them all again but since that’s not an option this will do!  I have roasted turkeys in our previous fifth wheel but this was the first for Maxx and it turned out pretty good.

An awesome Thanksgiving dinner!

Now onto gambling!  As I mentioned previously we are not big gamblers but we did well during our time in Vegas.  Along with enjoying ourselves and having some free drinks we also had dinner out twice, lunch out once, and breakfast out once and we are up $.50!  I’m pretty pleased with our results.

Until next time …



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