Shopping & Red Rock Canyon

Yesterday we made a trip out to one of the outlet malls.  I was looking for a pair of good polarized sunglasses and a new wallet for under the Christmas tree.  Hubby, being the sport he is, tagged along.  I wasn’t able to find sunglasses but there may be a new wallet under the tree … I guess I will have to wait for Christmas.  The rest of the day was spent doing various chores with a break to head over to the casino.  I came away with $12.50 and hubby was down $16.00 so all in all we did pretty good, gambling isn’t really our thing so don’t expect big wins from us … you have to spend money to make money and I don’t think my $5.00 per visit qualifies!  We did however earn enough points to get two free buffet dinners tonight with a value of $20.00 so I think we can add that to our winnings as well.

We also receive our first Christmas card yesterday (from my sister and brother-in-law), which was very exciting.

Today we headed out early for a trip to Red Rock Canyon.  It is a beautiful 13 mile drive through the Mojave Desert with amazing views and lot’s of great hiking trails.  Because of my foot we were not able to hike today but we plan on returning in the future to spend the day hiking the canyon.  Pictures do not really do justice to what we saw, but here are a few:

Entrance to Red Rock Canyon

Mojave Desert

Amazing Colors!

After our drive through the desert we stopped at Suncoast Casino.  My sister had sent us some money with strict instructions to have a meal and gamble the rest, so that’s what we did.  Suncoast is a new casino and very nice and I won $100.00 on video poker when I came up with four of a kind so I was pretty happy!

Back at Maxx, we were relaxing when the phone rang … amazing, yesterday we get mail and today we get a phone call on our land line … kinda feels like we really are living here!  Anyway we had a nice long chat with our daughter and caught up on the news from home.

Until next time …

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