Viva Las Vegas!

Even though we are into Nevada the weather has not improved, it is still very cold, lows of 11F, which is -11C.  We have not been able to fill the water tanks in Maxx so we are eating out and only sleeping here.  Last night we jumped into bed to get warm and the memory foam was so cold it was like jumping on a block of ice (thank heaven for the fireplace and furnace)!   We ended up in an RV park in Wells, Nevada that had free Wi-Fi so we spent the evening catching up on emails, banking, and route planning.  Morning dawned cold with clear blue skies.  We headed out shortly after the sun came up around 0600 hours.  You can see in the picture below how low the snow is getting


The snow is very low on the hills

I was busy writing my blog when I looked up to see three to four inches of snow on the sides of the road, which I was surprised at, until hubby pointed out that we where at 5,870 feet (we topped out at 7,284 feet) … plus the temperature was now 5F, which is -15C!  Unlike the highway yesterday in Oregon, this was such a gentle climb I hardly noticed it.  Canada is often portrayed as the great white north … well Nevada it sure doesn’t look like this in the Southern Interior of BC.  This is Maxx at the gas station

Maxx at the gas station in Ely, Nevada

Poor Maxx … I don’t think he thought he would ever be this cold.  Before we finally came down in elevation we had driven through a lot of snow and some very icy roads … not fun when you are towing a 35-foot fifth wheel.  I’m glad this part of the trip is over!

Once we reached the peak it took four hours to drop back down to 1,778 feet in Las Vegas and we are now comfortably set up in an RV park close to the strip.  Since we get a better rate for a one-week stay we have decided to stay until next Saturday so that we can enjoy hubby’s birthday, Thanksgiving and Black Friday this week.

Before posting today’s blog I read it again and realized the stress of the morning drive was causing me to rant and be unfair.  Yes Nevada if you were in Southern BC at 7,000 feet there would be way more snow than we saw today, my humble apologies.

Until next time …




2 thoughts on “Viva Las Vegas!

  1. Hey, what’s the weather like in Las Vegas …. Jessica and Andrew arrive on Saturday and Jessica is hoping to wear flip-flops! ps … really enjoying your blogs!!


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