The Dash Continues …

Last night was spent at a KOA in Tri Cities, Washington.  It was clean but pricey, $38.72 and was basically a parking lot.  We choose it because it included Wi-Fi and we wanted that to set up our route for the next day and to find fuel prices and RV parks down the road.  We arrived minutes after 1800 hours and had to use night registration, which meant we could not get the passwords for Wi-Fi, so I guess that’s a lesson for the future.   We got an early start and crossed into Oregon around 0800 hours.  The weather is still very cold but the roads are dry and there is nothing but blue sky so life is good.  After we passed through Pendelton, Oregon we hit our first major hill.  We started off at 1,800 feet and hit the summit at 4,193 feet where the ground was covered with snow but the roads were still clear and dry.  For those from BC the summit on the Connector is 5,721 feet.  Hubby was pretty pleased with his Dodge Ram, it towed the trailer up with no problem and he had to ease off to keep under the speed limit.

A boring drive today but we woke up in Washington, had breakfast in Oregon, lunch in Idaho, and now we are going to sleep in Nevada … that’s some dash!

Until next time …


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