Remembrance Day 2013

Unfortunately this year, because of my broken foot, we couldn’t attend the local Remembrance Day ceremonies.  At 11 o’clock we listen to the service on EZ Rock and wow were we impressed. They gave an excellent description of what we were remembering, played the bugles, and then went to radio silence for a minute.  It was so touching that by the time it was done both hubby and I had tears in our eyes.  We are so very proud of you Master Corporal and are so blessed that you made it home safely.

Next year we plan to head south just after Thanksgiving so we will not be in Canada for the Remembrance Day ceremonies but we will definitely listen to the service on EZ Rock wherever we are.


One thought on “Remembrance Day 2013

  1. Hey guys! Didn’t realize you were adding to your blog all this time! But glad I checked out & am really glad you got out of the cold when you did, & really, really glad hubby got his rum!!
    Happy Hour takes on a new meaning when you are retired cause that “hour” often becomes 2 or 3!! And that’s how most retired couples get along! Happy! happy! 😉😎


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